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Friday, May 04, 2007


Here are some gardening Links I think you might find interesting!

Here are some Gardening Links you
might find of interest.

Bonsai Society (American)


House Plant Problems-UVM

Invasive Plant Atlas of New England

Magic Wings-Butterflies

Perry's Perennial Pages

Poisonous Plants List from Cornell University

Plant disease and Insect diagnostic site

Thumbnail Weed Index

Wild Flower Society-New England

I've listed some BIRDING sites
that I have discovered in my Web travels. Most gardeners I know enjoy the
birds almost as much as their flowers. I would guess this is because the
birds help gardeners by controlling insects and in some cases even acting
in the role of pollinator. Then, of course, there are those long, cold
winter months when their presence in the garden is a joy for all of us
to behold!

Bird Source

Cornell lab of Ornithology

Crashing the Wake of a Blue Jay

Birder's Home Page

to Attract Birds

I've listed a few WEB SITES FOR CHILDREN. I have wanted to do this for awhile, but haven't really found any appropriate web pages I could include. I hope to add more as I come across them. If you know of any that might be appropriate, I hope you'll tell me about them and I'll add them here.

All about Black Bears

Discovery for Kids


Monarch Butterflies

Montshire Museum

Kids Planet

NOTE: If you know of any links you think would be of interest
to other gardeners, please let me know. Also, if there are any suggestions
you might have for this page to make it more helpful... let me know that
as well. Just drop me a note at: ncmg@charter.net

I hope you'll "Bookmark" this page. Until next time, enjoy your
garden no matter what the season! Remember to come and visit often.


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